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Apartment design
- 5 practical tips

Designing an apartment is always a challenge. In the past, for example, in the 1980s, during the times of deficits and martial law in Poland, the standard of living was unlikely to allow anyone to hire an interior designer. Most apartments looked twinned: furniture, wainscoting, wallpaper and appliances like a cassette player or a Rubin TV were the picture of life in those years. Nowadays, the difficulty is the huge choice in the face of overproduction of literally everything when it comes to apartment finishing projects. Whether you decide to hire an interior designer or merely use free living space design programs, the multitude of options can make your head spin.

Apartment design

There are many ideas for interior design of apartments, because the styles of arrangement are also in fashion nowadays. However, the way we design our living space depends primarily on the space itself. A small apartment, a room for rent, a house with a garden, or a loft - each requires a different approach. Apartment finishing projects will be different when buying a new place, and different for a terminal rental. However, it's worth remembering that decor doesn't have to be a big, permanent change, but all the elements used to decorate the interior have an impact on the overall feel of the space and how we will function in it.

When designing an apartment, it is important to know which elements work best together and will have the greatest impact on our living space. To improve the place where we are to live, for example, you can follow the tips below.

Small spaces pretending to be bigger.

The design of a bachelor apartment should really manage every square meter. If the created space is to be functional, it is necessary to limit the furniture and all accessories to the necessary practical minimum. If we decide for furniture, of course, high-gloss - which allows to reflect light - and for those that have decorative legs. The legs allow the eye to go beyond the body of the furniture, instead of stopping at its base, which is usually the case with pieces located low to the the floor. However, it is worth choosing simple and light forms, and in the color scheme of the walls bet on bright colors, which will optically enlarge the room. In addition, the use of dark or vivid color on one of the accent walls can create a backward effect, which will help to give the apartment more depth. Such a procedure will also make the interior gain a timeless character.

Apartment design

Light! More light! If possible - do not cover the windows during the day. In a small apartment a good trick in the interior design of an apartment is to use mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and visually deepen the space. Hang a mirror by the window in the dining room or in a small bathroom to make these rooms appear larger and brighter. High mirrors can make the ceiling appear higher, and also illuminate darker parts of the room. Similarly, glass or mirrored tables. And when choosing a bed, choose one that has shorter legs or even sits on the ground to make the ceiling appear higher. Beds supported by high legs can cut a the room in half.

To make an all-in-one studio apartment seem cozier, you should stick to a consistent color palette from the kitchen to the bedroom, in finishing details and materials. Pro-tip: use rugs to distinguish different zones and provide visual boundaries between areas. In a small apartment where the living room is combined with the kitchen, rugs’ area will help define spaces - for example, by the sofa.

Smart storage.

Apartment design
Current apartment interior designs are often based on proposals developed by Ikea designers. These are often very clever solutions, ready to be applied even in the the smallest living spaces. The principle is simple: by maximizing what you already have, you eliminate the need for additional furniture.

For example, a sofa can be a couch during the day and a bed for guests at night. The institution of storage- stackable or pull-out storage units in the bathroom fill vertical space and organize essential bathroom utensils. Kitchens with tall cabinets up to the ceiling that neatly accommodate the entire kitchen range. High shelves and bookcases optically slenderize and enlarge rooms, and provide more storage space. Likewise, different types of built-ins, especially the color white - will optically enlarge the the interior.

Carefully selected colors and patterns.

Apartment design
Aiming for consistency, stick to similar shades or themes of colors and patterns that you can use in each room. For example, the silver thread on the pillow matching the slate shower curtain in the bathroom, and the wood grain on the bedside table repeated with the same motif on the coffee table in the living room. Small touches of consistency can make your apartment feel connected and complete, and that, after all, is what makes a space relaxing.

If you can't paint the walls in your apartment - paint the furniture. New paint on a bed frame or dresser can be just as striking as a new color on the walls. Simply use the colors of your furniture as a decorative theme for your apartment. Similarly, hanging several sets of curtains will help give the space some style without the need to wallpaper the walls, for example. Pro-tip: hanging curtains on a blank wall gives the illusion that there are windows behind them.

Wall gallery.

Hanging photos, paintings or other works of art on an empty wall will certainly give the room an interesting look and express the personality of the hosts. A home gallery ensures that these decorative pieces are not in the way or exposed within reach, but fill the space with color and character.

Home interior designs often involve the use of so-called floating shelves that save space near the floor, while allowing you to show off your collection of items and mementos that have sentimental value. Such wall-mounted shelves, wooden or metal, fit into almost any interior design, and do not require drilling many holes in the wall. An interesting idea is to turn the wall with the TV into an artistic spot in the living room. A gallery on the wall around the TV? Why not! Photographs commemorating important events in your life, or reproductions of works of art, can orbit around the screen, which you often look at, after all.

Apartment design

Details that add a lot.

The devil is in the details, and beauty is in the details. Therefore, although designing the interior of an apartment on your own is demanding, it gives a lot of room for creativity, which is often expressed precisely through such authorial "dots" placed "above the i".

If your apartment lacks space in the entryway for a closet or "drop zone", you can create it with the help of several wall elements. For example, by hanging a set of hooks to hang hats, bags or light jackets on them. A cabinet with a shelf on top, where you can place grab-and-go items such as keys and sunglasses, will also come in handy. Closing this solution will be a large mirror, in front of which you can look at yourself a moment before leaving the house.

Apartment design

Designing an apartment in the spirit of modern trends also means using lighting to effectively highlight selected elements and corners. Appropriate bedside lamps in the bedroom, or led lights coming out of the ceiling, wall and even the floor, help create the right mood in the room, bring out the beauty of the arrangement, and above all affect our mood.

And if we talk about well-being, we should not forget about the trend for "slow life", which promotes relaxation at home. This is where details play an important role, as the essential feature of the style is to avoid arrangements in flashy colors and patterns. So the details support minimalism, through discreet accents.

In conclusion, designing an apartment can be a great lesson about what we like, what is functional and what serves us. Regardless of the square footage we enter, the interior should be decorated so that we can breathe in it, be able to enjoy our eyes and relax after a hard day. Recent pandemic years have shown the importance of a well-designed apartment, where interior design should support the body and soul.


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