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Sales offices / common areas

Are you looking for an idea to finish your office space with a unique look and functionality? Getting help from our experienced architect is the best solution!

Horizon Development is committed to an individual approach to each client. We are specialists in the industry, engaged in designing offices and apartments characterized by a thoughtful layout of all elements.

Our proposals are tailored to the individual expectations of clients, including the nature of the planned investment, the budget allocated for it and the time for implementation. We carry out even the most unusual projects, guaranteeing the highest quality and full satisfaction with our services - feel free to contact us!

Get to know the details of cooperation

Horizon Development is a group of enthusiasts who create captivating and practical office designs. Regardless of the nature of the room, our employees will take care of its functionality and aesthetics. If you care about a strictly defined interior design, we will be able to realize your vision - our architects make every effort to thoroughly understand the needs and expectations of our clients.

What is very important, we are engaged not only in designing, but also in the comprehensive implementation of the prepared plans for finishing the premises. The team is made up of the best architects, engineers, and to this we employ, great finishing teams. We guarantee timely execution of orders, dealing with the finishing of both the offices themselves and the common areas for them - get to know our capabilities by reviewing our past realizations!

We create the perfect work space

We create the perfect work space
Modern offices and their common areas should be designed first and foremost with the needs of employees in mind. These zones are most often characterized by a minimalist design. It is worth taking care of ergonomic working conditions and choosing a set of practical furniture. A countertop of the right height, a comfortable chair and numerous shelves will make it much easier to perform daily duties.

Of course, points of sale are also important, which also have a representative function. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that they fit into the character of the investment and are a natural continuation, visual identity. For this reason, leave the execution of the project to us - feel free to contact us!

What distinguishes an ideally
designed office?

A properly arranged office space ensures better work efficiency and well-being of employees. Performing office design we take this into account, and the most important aspects include:

What distinguishes an ideally<br> designed office?
  • use of ergonomic furniture - this is extremely important, as spending long periods of time in an inappropriate position can lead to various diseases. A comfortable chair and a classic desk are the basis of the project. It is worth taking care of the health of employees and provide them with equipment that allows them to maintain the correct posture while working,

  • creating an uncluttered decor that is pleasing to the eye - it helps to focus on the tasks at hand. What's more, a small number of accessories makes it much easier to keep the workplace tidy,

  • using equipment that makes it easier to store documents and office accessories.

Offices, their common areas and outlets should not only be aesthetically pleasing. Also important is their functionality, and at the same time ergonomics to facilitate work, so we pay attention, to every detail of the designed interiors. Refined by us, the project will certainly meet your expectations, of which you can convince yourself now - feel free to contact us!

Functional and modern offices
- match the design to your needs

Wondering how to arrange a practical work space? Horizon Development will find the right solution, focusing on functionality and interior aesthetics. Of course, when designing, we take into account the fact that offices and common areas for them also have a representative function. Thus, we use such solutions to make these places friendly to both employees and clients of the company. On top of that, the design and implementation should both be consistent with the brand's assumptions and stand out for their high quality, which we also take care of. We invite you to take advantage of our professional services in office design and common areas.


of the investmentConsistency of the investment
The perception of the sales office - field or on the premises of the investment and common parts affects the opinion about the investment. That is why it is so important to take care of every detail of the interiors that complement the image of the investment.


Preparing preliminary concept
We prepare a preliminary concept of interior finishing after meetings with the investor.
Signing of the contract
We sign the contract after accepting the final offer of the comprehensive interior finishing within: specified scope of services, budget and deadline for completion of works.
Design process
We start the design process, which includes a comprehensive design and implementation of interiors specified in the contract.
Purchase and delivery of materials
We take care of the logistics of purchase and delivery of finishing materials to the investment site.
Finishing works on the investment site
We coordinate and supervise all subcontractors' works on the investment site.
Acceptance of investment interiors
We pass the interiors to the investor for acceptance.
Our 2-year warranty
We provide 2-year warranty service on our realizations.


Would you like to talk about a comprehensive interior finishing of investments?
Feel free to contact us!


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