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Show apartments

Would you like to create a unique space?

Tell us about your vision and we will recreate it in reality, taking care of the smallest details. Horizon Development provides professional services, related to comprehensive interior design. We furnish show apartments, among others in Warsaw, which are distinguished by a well-thought-out layout of all elements. We tailor them to the expectations of clients, taking into account, among other things:

• character of the investment,
• the budget,
• the time provided for implementation.

We approach each project individually, out of the box and creatively. Rooms finished by professionals delight with their unique style and refined details.

Meet our team of people responsible
for finishing apartments

Our company employs a team of experienced professionals. These include project managers, architects, engineers and finishing teams. These people professionally carry out tasks, always meeting deadlines. Employees, not only try to design the interior according to the client's expectations, but also suggest what solutions will be best in a given situation. We strive to ensure that the finished room stands out with a unique appearance and is very functional. Each show apartment prepared by us facilitates the sale of units, becoming a showcase of the investment!

Show apartments
We strive every day to respond even better to the needs of our customers. Our architects are open to the realization of even the most unusual visions. It happens that potential buyers of real estate are concerned about whether the form of interior design will meet their expectations. With help come show apartments. They help to assess the effect of the work and the quality of the materials used.

Are you looking for a proven company that will design and prepare such an apartment? Then you are in the right place - feel free to contact us!

A ready-made apartment design makes it easier for potential buyers to make a purchase decision!

Perfectly prepared show flats for large, e.g. yet-to-be-built housing estates, began to enjoy popularity a dozen years ago. Viewing a finished apartment live, instead of on computer animations, allows to better feel the atmosphere of a given interior. This solution helps to make a decision related to the purchase of a particular property, thus becoming an important element of the investor's advertising campaign. A visit to such a place gives the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the layout of the rooms, but also with exemplary furnishings and forms of interior decoration. Not infrequently it is even an inspiration for future buyers.

Show apartments

Details that complement the stunning final effect of the investment

Designing a striking interior requires attention to the smallest details. It is these that affect the overall perception of the appearance of a room. Finished premises that are the showcase of the investment greatly facilitate the search for property buyers. Their task is, to show the potential of the investment. Skillfully prepared premises make a remarkable impression on potential customers and affect their final decision related to a possible purchase. Therefore, it is worth making every effort to make viewing the showroom a positive experience that translates into sales results - we will professionally take care of this, so feel free to contact us!

Cooperation with us in finishing show apartments is a pleasure!

Show apartments
With many years of experience in the industry, we help clients make the most favorable decisions about the premises to be finished. What does it look like in practice? Our design team includes professionals who develop a range of ideas related to the appearance of a particular development. They take into account both the needs of the people for whom the apartments are intended, and the budget for their purchase. If the investor accepts the project, we prepare show units, using the highest quality materials and taking care of the smallest details. We are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

If you have additional questions about the service, our experts will be happy to answer them - feel free to contact us!


to dreamsCloser to dreams
Thanks to the show apartment, customers imagine what their own apartment would look like in a particular development and get an answer to the question of whether their vision will coincide with reality in the future.

Visitors see live how functional the space is and can literally touch the texture of the materials and look at every detail.

That's why we go to great lengths to ensure that the realization is a reflection of the dream finished apartment.


Preparing preliminary concept
We prepare a preliminary concept of interior finishing after meetings with the investor.
Signing of the contract
We sign the contract after accepting the final offer of the comprehensive interior finishing within: specified scope of services, budget and deadline for completion of works.
Design process
We start the design process, which includes a comprehensive design and implementation of interiors specified in the contract.
Purchase and delivery of materials
We take care of the logistics of purchase and delivery of finishing materials to the investment site.
Finishing works on the investment site
We coordinate and supervise all subcontractors' works on the investment site.
Acceptance of investment interiors
We pass the interiors to the investor for acceptance.
Our 2-year warranty
We provide 2-year warranty service on our realizations.


Would you like to talk about a comprehensive interior finishing of investments?
Feel free to contact us!


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