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Turnkey apartments

If you are looking for a company that provides comprehensive interior design services, take a look at this offer. Our specialty is turnkey apartment finishing in Warsaw and the surrounding areas. Do your clients expect a ready-made solution? Don't like to waste their time? Then take advantage of Horizon's expert support. We are a team of experienced architects who work in a timely and careful manner. We decorate living spaces in classic as well as modern styles. We work with developers and private investors.

See for yourself that it is worth entrusting an order to us.

What does turnkey apartment
finishing consist of?

Turnkey apartments
The whole process, in a nutshell, is that you receive a ready-made turnkey home design, which you can directly put into the hands of your client. Then he indicates to you his needs for the new premises. In the next step, we prepare a revised design. It takes into account all the assumptions you give us. On their basis we carry out the finishing of the apartment. We furnish turnkey apartments to the standard agreed in the contract.

In addition to the finishing team, we have a group of professionals, such as:

  • project managers,
  • architects,
  • engineers

With the help of this team of employees, we provide comprehensive services to clients.

Remember that each apartment project will be considered individually. We will adjust it to the nature of the investment and the time provided for its implementation.In this way, we will prepare for you the interior of your dreams.

We are flexible, think outside the box and creative. Challenges drive us to action!

What is the process of finishing apartments?

It is divided into several stages, which are as follows:

Preparation of the initial concept - we will develop it after meeting with the investor
Signing the contract - after accepting the final offer for turnkey finishing of apartments within the specified budget and deadlines
Design process - realization of interior design assumptions
Purchase and delivery of materials - we will take care of scheduling the deliveries so that everything proceeds on time
Finishing work - we coordinate the work of subcontractors on the project site and furnish the premises
Acceptance - handing over the interior to the investor in its finished form

The entire project is carried out in consultation with the Contractor. Everything is thoroughly discussed and consulted, so that the apartments one hundred percent meet the expectations of your customers.

Why use the turnkey option?

The comprehensive space arrangement services we offer have many benefits. Among other things, you as an investor will gain time and control over the budget. We take all the work of finishing a turnkey apartment in Warsaw on ourselves. We furnish the interiors, so you can think about your next investments with peace of mind. You also gain peace of mind, as you are sure that your clients will get the solution they are waiting for. Their place to live will be exactly as they planned! In addition, we give a two-year warranty on all our projects. The target customer will certainly appreciate this sense of security.

Ask about the details of turnkey apartment finishing at Horizon!

Why use the turnkey option?

Buying a turnkey apartment
- what is it for the customer?

For the end user, the purchase of a move-in ready property is a highly desirable option on the market. People who are now deciding on a new property are mainly young couples and families who want to be on their own as soon as possible. What is important to them is the time and comfort of moving into their dream interior, which is already fully equipped. Fewer and fewer people want to renovate their premises on their own. Therefore, we furnish them according to the preferences of the Recipients. Offer your client a comprehensive turnkey apartment finishing in Warsaw.

Use the services of the best architects!

Learn about the advantages of turnkey apartment finishing and take advantage of our offer!

What distinguishes the interior design services we offer is the individual approach to the Investor's needs. We analyze them comprehensively and holistically. This allows us to offer you solutions tailored to your expectations. We make sure that the turnkey finishing of your apartment is done at the highest level.

Bet on your convenience, as well as the convenience of those who buy a property from you.
Take advantage of our offer and gain:

full control over the interior design process,
space for new activities,
contentment and satisfaction of your Clients.

Shake off the burden of complex apartment finishing and start widening the net of your investments. We furnish turnkey and you take care of the rest.

See our realizations and find out how we work!

Where to order turnkey apartment finishing
in Warsaw and the surrounding area?

If you care about making your real estate listing attractive, you may be interested in working with Horizon. In our design office, we focus on functional turnkey interior finishes for apartments. We carry them out in Warsaw and the surrounding area on the order of developers and construction companies. We furnish interiors comprehensively, adapting them to individual orders. We are open to innovative solutions, which we approach with true passion.

If you are interested in our offer, we are at your disposal - call and make an appointment!


Would you like to talk about a comprehensive interior finishing of investments?
Feel free to contact us!


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